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  • Natalie Wade  15th Janaury 2023

The first recommendation of the Royal Commission into the Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (Disability Royal Commission) once-in-a-generation report, calls for the establishment of a Disability Rights Act ‘to translate the international human rights of people with disability into domestic Australian law. This would be a significant and unprecedented shift toward realising the human rights of people with disability, but what does that even mean?

  • Jessica Quilty  9th August 2023

The report complied by researchers from the University of Melbourne, University of Syndey and University of Technology Sydney paints a bleak picture of Australia's approach to restrictive practices. The research examined restrictive practices across a borad range of settings including guardianship, mental health, aged care, out of home care, group homes, employment and justice. However, this article focuses on the key findings considered most relevant to the NDIS context. 

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