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You Are Unique

We know you are unique, we are all unique in our very own ways. When you are ready, we would like to get to know you, and the type of things you enjoy and don't enjoy.

We strive to match you with a mental health worker you feel connected to, not just any old person will do!

Some questions we may ask you to get to know you better:

  • What type of person would you like to support you?

  • Do you prefer to stay home most of the time, or go out of your home?

  • What type of support would you like?

  • Where do you like going?

  • Do you like gaming or walks in the park? Or both?

  • Are you an animal lover?

  • What things to you dislike?

We are aware that each person has their own needs when it comes to support, that's why we ensure each person is at the forefront of driving their own unique journey. 

What supports would You like?

We can provide various levels of support.

  • Psychosocial recovery coaching
    This is a type of support coordination. Not only are our workers trained in mental health, some of them also have lived experience. 


  • Assistance with daily activities 
    Helping out around your home, having chats or helping you with some tasks online, you lets us know if there is something specific you require from us.


  • Community and Social participation
    Trying new classes, checking out a new market or group activity, if you're not sure what you would like to try we can help with the research.


  • Transport
    elping you get to and from appointments.

  • Peer Worker
    If you prefer to be supported by someone who has lived experience with mental health let us know, some of our mental health workers also have lived experience. 


  • Alcohol and drug harm minimisation strategies
    If you have decided you would like help in this area, just ask. We have specific  workers who are trained to support you with harm minmisation strategies.


  • Counselling
    Work with one of our counsellors to broaden you awareness and gain more insight into your life. 

Live your best life!

What does living your best life mean to you?

Here are some ideas of activities people enjoy doing with our mental health workers:

  • Having fun!

  • Catching up for coffee

  • Helping you do the things you enjoy doing

  • Playing and listening to music

  • Sharing our hobbies, lives and passions for life

  • Going to awesome places

  • Learning new things about each other

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  • Going to markets

  • Watching movies

  • Attending external groups

  • Going for walks

  • Doing household tasks together

  • Talking about what makes life meaningful

  • Looking at volunteering opportunities

  • Trying a new class 

  • Going shopping

  • Exploring new towns

  • Playing sports

  • Budgeting

  • Going on long drives

  • Doing drawings/Art

  • Learning to do something new

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NDIS and You

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The NDIS aims to support the independence, social and economic participation of people with disability, and enable choice and control in the pursuit of goals and the planning and delivery of supports.

We can provide services to Participants who are funded by the NDIS as Plan Managed or Self Managed. Don't worry, if you do not have a NDIS package, we can still help!

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