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Welcome to
Supporting Your Life

We are a group of individuals who make up a dedicated team of people with a passion!

We are trained mental health workers passionate about providing meaningful support by connecting with people who experience mental illness (Psychosocial disability). We specialise in psychosocial recovery coaching and support work. We are "raising the bar" in what you can expect from your worker. 

We help people live their best lives by providing a "person-centered, recovery-oriented" approach. When we say "best life," we are referring to the life that YOU live and the life YOU want.

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Why Supporting Your Life?

We do things a little bit differently. 

We work within a "person centered," approach. This means we get to know you, and what a meaningful life means to you.

We aim to get the connection right between you and your worker the first time. We are here to provide care based on your direction, supporting you along the way. We understand that you are the expert in your own life.

Our team are are trained in mental health, some of our team also have their own lived experience with mental health. If it is your preference to work with someone who has lived experience let us know..

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